Anna Merkaba – FREEDOM PORTAL HAS OPENED – 4-4-15

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Anna Merkaba

Greetings Everyone! The FREEDOM portal has opened her doors to all of us! And it is now time to utilize these energies in order to fully purge everything from your system finally once and for all! Use this loving, supportive, uplifting energy to carry you forward to new heights!

If you have not done so already find a quiet moment today and write down everything that YOU WANT to see manifest in your reality in the next 3 months. Be as specific as you can be. Once you are done, make another list of everything that you wish to LET GO of, and be done with.  Throw away or burn the paper with all that you no longer wish to see in your life.

And keep the other list with you at all times. Carry it with you. Look at it frequently to remind yourself what it is…

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Update on Incoming 5D Energies with Franco Denicola

The following link is an update on the incoming 5D energies. Franco is like a behind the scenes “technican” that tests the holographic matrix reality before programs “go live,” and test the conscoiusness of humanity as to the level of our “approval” for certain events to unfold. Great meditation too in part 2 that I have been falling asleep to nightly.

Check out Franco’s website’s past clearings and activations. There are many, so I like to use my feeling sense to find which one resonates for me in the NOW moment as to which one I am needing at the time.

InJoy! – wyndstorm

Calling All Armchair Activists — We Need You Now

THnaks Alia!

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Armchair ActivistAlia’s Comments: This is NOT my typical post and NOT my usual content.

It IS an opportunity to practice what Bradley Loves suggested in THIS POST. It is an opportunity to practice saying: “I DO NOT CONSENT!”

In this short video, the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, former Minister of Defense and former acting Prime Minister of Canada, “discloses” some blunt facts about our world’s fraudulent banking system and the crime cabal that runs our planet in the guise of corporations and governments. He further discusses the US Corporate Government’s nearly 70-year cover-up of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth and warns Americans in particular that he feels we have only a small window of MONTHS, rather than years, left to WAKE UP and RECTIFY our situation.

This is a brilliant, grounded presentation by someone who has great credentials by any of the world’s standards. It’s a wonderful piece to share…

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Imagination of the Day – Energetically Hacking Resource Accounts

Well, since this is done in the imagination, its Kosher. Cause, it’s just “imagination”…bwahhaahaaa 😀

So I had a virtual QHHT hypnosis session with a girlfriend, and of course the issue of money came up, and the question was posed to my Subconscious, ” How does one attract the money and resources to do what they want to do in this life?” The following is the answer from my subconscious….

Pretend like the resources are already available, which they are, just hidden from “sight.” Lets start off with the Queen of England and Windsor Palace. There are a large amount of resources there, hack into it and receive your abundance. The Queen’s resources are My resources, as I set them free for the whole planet, for all inbodyments incarnate here. I seek out and find all other hidden offshore accounts. I go in with my special “key” and release the funds for me and for all. I seek out treasure deposits, gold, silver, diamonds and release them as well. I hack into the computer systems, and withdraw my digital cash into tangible form. All the resources I need are right here. My bank account isn’t necessarily “fat” but those resources are at my finger tips, readily available when I need them to DO, as they are readily available for everyone else who chooses to tap into those resources as well.

Make your imagination work for you and for everyone on the whole planet. I’m actively setting resources free. The intention here is to release all secrets for it is those secrets that keeps us, humanity, enslaved.

Now is the end of Hoarding, the end of preventing the flow of wealth to the masses. Now is the time in which the wealth of the planet equally belongs to everyone equally. We are all on the planet, time to share the wealth with all. There is more than enough for everyone. It is now the end of the illusion of scarcity and lack.

I now graciously receive all my gifts. And so it is.

Will you join me in this collective imagination? 😉