Is there movement during these Immersions, are is it primarily seated?

Both! Considering these 1/2 day sessions are aprox. 4.5 hours long, there will be physical activities interlaced with periods of siting. About 2 hours will be dedicated to movement and physical interaction, and 2.5 hours will be seated

What do you mean “Yoga for the Mind?”

Psychological Projection is rampant in our currently Collective psyche. Humans, primarily those who’s 1st language is English, have a tendency to project their inner psychological reality out onto other people, both positively or negatively. For example, one may become enamored with a yoga teacher, or a celebrity, or a spiritual “guru”, and project those desirable attributes to the other person, when actually those are the same qualities that lie dormant within the persona projecting. This would be an example of positive projection. An example of negative projection could be someone blaming another person for things going wrong during an event, and not taking personal responsibility for their part in the situation that unfolded. These negative projections are what make up our Shadow Selves. These are attributes that are perceived as undesirable, thus creating a tendency to want to hide, ignore, reject, and even deny these aspects of ourselves, which in turn rear their “ugly” head probably at the most inopportune time. Can anyone reading relate to this last sentence? If not, you’re probably not a human 😉


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