About the Facilitator

WS Incarnating into Earth with a high level of clairsentience (empathy), and claircognizance (knowing), from an early age, Wyndstorm always had a penchant for the metaphysical. A Jill of all trades, she received her B.A. in graphic design from Loyola University New Orleans in 2003, the same year she started her yoga asana practice. In October, 2005, she completed a 500+ hour Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner training, what she likes to call, “My masters in my own personal growth.” With that, she was also certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher, a 200 hour course through PRYT. She completed a 100 hour massage therapy training in 2006. She taught Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in Steamboat Springs, Colorado from 2006 – 2008. She moved to Durango, Colorado in 2008, and started her own freelance graphic design business, and co-created a local conscious living magazine, “E.P.I.C. – Empowering People, Inspiring Community,” for the area 2010-2012, which is still in operation today.

In 2012, living in Colorado, and desiring to continue living in alternative structures connected to nature and the elements, she and her partner bought a traditional Mongolian yurt. After farming for the summer, in October, 2013, a warmer winter was calling, so they moved the yurt, and 12 year old cat to Ojai, California to be land stewards for the local hot springs there. After completing their service, they finally moved the yurt to southern Oregon in March, 2014 to a farming/permaculture cooperative, where it currently resides. 2014 was a year of many changes, and with their cat passing, a life evaluation and assessing where Wyndstorm and Ethan truly want to be, they decided to begin the year 2015 in Lake Atitlan, where they currently reside. To read about how Language Yoga changed her life, check out her article here.

** DISCLAIMER: I am not a psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor, guru, leader, or any type of “authority figure.” I am not qualified to give any type of “professional” advice, except perhaps for human to human common sense, speaking from my own life experience, and in the asking of more questions. I strongly encourage each person to be their own personal Authority, to think and feel for themselves regarding their own personal bodies, lives, and relationships. All I will be able to offer, as a facilitator, is a safe container for people to change the way they perceive reality, become more empowered in their language, thus becoming more empowered in the outer world. **


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