About Language Yoga


Language Yoga is a linguistics tool that translates all external pronouns (you, he, she, we, our, they, etc.) into internal pronouns (me, my, I, myself). In doing so, any type of psychological projection or external assumption returns back to the speaker to reveal subconscious thought patterns regarding themselves. Many times this aspect of the tool reveals Shadow characteristics, aspects of our subconscious that we repress, hide, or deny about ourselves considering they are less-than-desirable attributes.

Language Yoga also has the ability to switch polarities of light/dark, positive/negative, good/bad, bringing extremes back into balance within oneself by switching sentences around, and processing the feelings and emotions that arise through meditation and discussion.

And the final aspect of the Language Yoga is the use of an ancient Mayan incantation Nomatca Nehautl, which translates into “I myself,” which merges the Speaker with their perceived external environment, objects, and even people. Through merging, the illusion of separation thins and cosmic veils are removed. The Speaker is given an opportunity to perceive reality as though all aspects are extended family, bothers and sisters, even things thought of as inanimate objects. This incantation also brings power back to the Speaker, and through merging, cosmic forces are amplified, eternal unconditional love flows, and healing ensues.


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