I’ve wondered for a really really long time, actually my whole life, why things existed the way they do on this planet. Why the struggle? Why the war? The poverty? What’s the point of it all and how does it serve humanity? Or does it at all?

I flittered between seeing the beautiful service the pain and suffering provided in terms of Spirit’s evolution and growth, and how “wrong” it was to keep on going on and on and on, with apparently no end in sight. This was simply my awareness ping-ponging back and forth on the Duality spectrum of the polarized consciousness of light and dark.

So much remained a mystery to me until after December, 21, 2012. No, nothing specifically spectacular happened that day, but many spectacular things happened later on the time continuum because of that day.

Many mysteries that have boggled me my whole life were finally being revealed to me. Two Years post “shift”, and I finally figured out the answers to how the system really works, where money comes from (it comes from me, my energy, and the whole human collective’s energy, and I can prove it), what free will actually IS, AND the cure/antidote to society’s mental psychosis of psychological projection (thanks to Sarah and Aaron at LanguageYoga.org – y’all are brilliant).

I waited for the 2012 shift since 1998, and I had no idea what it actually was. Two years later, and a whole overhaul of personal growth, self-love, and personal empowerment, I’d have to say, from my perspective, I feel like a totally new person.

And now comes the fun part. There appears to be another option of experience, a New Element, if you will, of human existence. One that steps outside the boundaries of light/dark duality, and exists as a space which holds both equally. It is an entirely new frequency, even it’s own color, one that exists outside of our current color spectrum. It’s like the positive and negative sides of two magnets find each other and join together to create an amplified torus field. This new existence is completely unknown to our species, and our experience as human beings. And right now, I have no idea what it is… yet 😉

And this is essentially the purpose for this blog; a place to discover what currently remains unknown, essentially invisible, and through time, my own self exploration in reality, gives the unknown depth, dimension, and density, thus rendering it – visible.

It seems a bit cliche, but I’m gonna say it anyway… friends, this is only just the beginning


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