Been Busy Aligning Myself with Creating the Physical 4th Density New Earth Space

Hi all, Happy Solstice!

WOW, what an intesrestingly energetic past 2 months. I quite literally haven’t been able to write anything until today, and I find that quite intersting.

Being from Missouri – the “Show Me” State – I think I have this embedded program within me to show people the new earth reality, and not just keep dreaming about it forever or embark on soley mental exercises or overly philosophize this “New Paradigm” we are entering into as we speak.

As a conscious co-creator within this universe, I am getting closer to manifesting/alinging with my goal of creating a physical location/space on this planet where the New Earth Paradigm emerges in alignment with Earth/Gaia herself, bringing together in harmony modern civilization and nature.

Essentially, we are getting warmer 😀 !

So stay tuned, updates will be coming in the near future!

until then!

with love and infinite blessings,


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