Imagination of the Day – The Shifting of Value Perception


An example to Let me review the old paradigm. Ok, so an amazing piece of land is valued at $500,000. It’s got acreage, fruit trees, waterfalls and other water features, ample abundance. We’ve found a few parcels of this value on the Big Island of Hawaii. Ok. Old way says I need to GIVE the person who owns the land that amount of money in order to say that it’s “MINE” and we get to do what we want with it.

Well, the new paradigm way SAYS.. and here’s the epiphany… THE LAND creates the VALUE. So, for My partner and I to live and invest our energy into the land, the land provides US with $500,000 to use towards other investments. Like the land is the “bank” and the money it provides is it’s inherent EQUITY. So then we’d naturally have 1/2 mil to buy “other things”

We’d use the money to create the village. ALL money that the land creates goes to the village and the people. That is the value.

It’s the exact opposite of the current paradigm. Looking for internalizing, internalization, micro to macro….

So the house only carries so much value because of the people living in the house. A house / home depreciates in value sitting left vacant. Houses need improvements, and no human presence sustains vacant houses, so the house looses value.

In order for this to work, humanity as a whole would look to their fellow humans, plants, nature as the perceived Value, not money, gold, stock market, etc.

This holographic reality that we call earth our home, is intrinsically valuable


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