Imagination of the Day – Energetically Hacking Resource Accounts

Well, since this is done in the imagination, its Kosher. Cause, it’s just “imagination”…bwahhaahaaa 😀

So I had a virtual QHHT hypnosis session with a girlfriend, and of course the issue of money came up, and the question was posed to my Subconscious, ” How does one attract the money and resources to do what they want to do in this life?” The following is the answer from my subconscious….

Pretend like the resources are already available, which they are, just hidden from “sight.” Lets start off with the Queen of England and Windsor Palace. There are a large amount of resources there, hack into it and receive your abundance. The Queen’s resources are My resources, as I set them free for the whole planet, for all inbodyments incarnate here. I seek out and find all other hidden offshore accounts. I go in with my special “key” and release the funds for me and for all. I seek out treasure deposits, gold, silver, diamonds and release them as well. I hack into the computer systems, and withdraw my digital cash into tangible form. All the resources I need are right here. My bank account isn’t necessarily “fat” but those resources are at my finger tips, readily available when I need them to DO, as they are readily available for everyone else who chooses to tap into those resources as well.

Make your imagination work for you and for everyone on the whole planet. I’m actively setting resources free. The intention here is to release all secrets for it is those secrets that keeps us, humanity, enslaved.

Now is the end of Hoarding, the end of preventing the flow of wealth to the masses. Now is the time in which the wealth of the planet equally belongs to everyone equally. We are all on the planet, time to share the wealth with all. There is more than enough for everyone. It is now the end of the illusion of scarcity and lack.

I now graciously receive all my gifts. And so it is.

Will you join me in this collective imagination? 😉


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