A Bid for Power and “Illuminati” Update – The Emergence of 5D Community Structure

So it’s been a month since I wrote about my “merge” with my shadow side, those nefarious characters, the Illuminati.

What has happened since then? Well, I’ve received numerous energetic downloads since. Mostly, if not all, come in the form of pictures, like movies in my mind. Let’s see if I can put it into words.

So the Illuminati characters are always the ones with a lot of money, and you know what I’ve realized, they spend it like crazy! They always have some kind of plan to implement, but it’s always the same plan. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, or False Flag Event involving some type of public bombing, it’s come down to identifying like clockwork who’s working behind the scenes. The point I’m trying to make here is that they do something with the money / human energy / resources that flows in their direction.

Things are becoming really obvious now.

They also do make a lot of money too, from the mass populous. And we willingly give it to them! Although, in this case, I am not a part of this bandwagon We. I do everything I can to NOT give the alleged “Government” any more money. I personally don’t support what they do with it. I would rather do other things, you know, like plant a permaculture food forest in place of mono-cropped farm fields. Buuuut that would make food accessible to everyone without having them go to the grocery store to buy it, and that would be really bad for “business.”

I don’t really like “business.” Although, I’m sure somethings about the practice are good and valuable, and those aspect I would like to keep. Can anyone tell me what they like about “business?” I’d love to get a positive / negative – pro / con fact sheet going, more so I can simply balance these thoughts within myself. Add to the pot: What do you, the reader, like about Corporations? This one I feel could be a bit juicy.

For example, I like the fact that a Corporation unites people with one specific goal to create something, however the negative aspect I suppose is the mode of operation using old ways of thinking regarding wealth and money, a hierarchy exists, or Pyramid Paradigm, and there is little room for equality. However there is that bread bakery, who uses the corporate structure in which all are equal, the CEO and the baker of the bread all get paid the same. I suppose that example demonstrates the benefits I am looking for.

Does anyone notice the Corp – in “Corporation?” Add an “se” to the end of that stem and you get Corpse. It’s just another form of body. An embodied state of Being. Don’t you find it strange that “Corporations” are regarded as people when it comes to the “Legal” world… ?

I don’t know if you, the reader, is at all concerned about the alleged “debt.” Personally, I know the whole thing is a sham, but I guess it depends on what game One wants to play. Eh, another topic for another day…

Sometimes I feel like I’m straddling two games at once. I do feel like I’m getting closer to just playing ONE game, the game where light and dark are balanced within myself, which is reflected outward in my external environment. I get glimpses of that reality in my imagination. Polaric story lines of the past fade, and good and evil exist as one potent force working together in LOVE… How else am I to describe?

So, I was born and raised in Missouri, the “Show Me” state. So many times when it comes down to imagination, I’m like, “Show me.”

So here is what I envision with my Bid for Power, and what I would do with land, money, and other resources that will come into my reality and existence. Perhaps this may seem like the Polar opposite as to what the Illuminati does with their wealth and resources, however, some aspects may look similar. I’ll let you, the reader, decide.

First of all, the land would be given freely, under the condition that the original land owner would have access to and stay at this piece of land for as long as they and their children are alive. Lets say there is nothing but a spring, and river on the property. No structures, etc.

Here is what I / we would do. Formulate a plan to set up the very basics of what we would need to live comfortably, and what the necessary resource requirements would look like. Anyone who would physically assist in the structure of the space would be given the ability to stay for free during their lifetime, with encouragement of expansion and freedom. Like there is no need to get stuck in one place too.

The idea is essentially a revolving community / bed n breakfast / yoga / permaculture / healing resort/center in alignment with nature where people can come and stay. If people didn’t participate in its creation and set up, well, we’ll have a variety of methods of exchange, from work exchange to good old fashioned paper.

How people contribute is based on their level of interest and inspiration. The idea is to get people to remember who they are, why they are alive on the planet, and what role do they serve to greater benefit humanity and the Earth.

People feeling called to assist in the creation would be considered “shareholders.” Also, as of this current moment, we’re still operating as a collective global community with money. Whatever money one contributes to the startup phase, an appropriate energy exchange allotted “time share” at the community will be granted.

In this specific model, the people and their contributed energy are the Value. This way, the money and resources coming into the land would be put directly into it. No money or resources would be going out to others not directly involved with the startup or completion of the project. Almost everything goes back into this piece of property. However, people living on this piece of property still need to “make a living” considering this is still how we operate as a global community. I am still in the formulating phase of this part of the equation, so I am open to dialogue regarding this aspect.

Now, when I say almost, I think of the future when pretty much every structure is set up and the project is complete in terms of its creation. Next would be the maintenance of the property, the preservation. This could easily be 10-20 years down the road. I wonder if we’ll be still dealing with money by then?

But I do emphasize the importance of self-autonomy, self-value. Somewhere in this equation if people put time and effort into maintaining the land, the energy, they would need to get something in return, other than just simply being able to live at this location. Free will and free choice will be deeply honored and valued, and creating a profit structure where human energy and ideas are returned in kind will be implemented.

Rather than having specifically “commune” type aspects to this type of model where everything is shared, individuation will be allowed, and celebrated. Say someone wants to leave, but then eventually return, I say AWESOME! This would be celebrated. The creative solution would reveal itself. No one would ever be enslaved or indebted to this project, nor “ousted” simply because their spirit is drawing them elsewhere for a time.

Down the road, let’s say for example we need to make a “business” decision as a group, and we decide to have a community council, or circle regarding the matter. All who live on the land will be asked to participate, regardless of how long they have been there. All input will be measured equally and impartially, as those of us who will have started this land project will have come into balance within ourselves, and fully integrated the ego aspects of ourselves. Essentially, I / we recognize Source essence appearing in all forms, as we await the creative solution to appear in our midst. All humans involved are perceived with equal value.

Now, what makes this different than current present day examples. This place is a Home. It’s not about “making Money,” the purpose is to create Value for the people and the planet. The intention for it’s creation is different than any intentional community that has been established in the past. It’s based on human value, and energy, and seeing each other as equals, regardless of who’s got the “money” or land or resources. No one person is better than the other. Also, I’d prefer to have this piece of land, and project not involve too much BS paperwork. Jumping through hoops of an old archaic dying system takes up unnecessary human energy. We shall see what unfolds from making that statement.

Now, I realize that some of my readers will be asking the “what if” scenarios. And for that I say, there is always a creative solution waiting to be revealed in Now moment, and I wait until the Now moment for that problem and solution to be revealed.

Next – Who wants to knowingly and willing give/share their land with us to begin and physically anchor a 5D Healing Community ?

Requirements – 365 day growing season, water features on property, ie. river, lake, or waterfall, spring fed pond, and/or some type of readily available drinking water from either a well, spring, or rain catchment possibilities, abundant rain, and a minimum of 10 acres.

Oooh! Fun! Let the alignment / manifestation begin!


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