It’s Time to Look at Our Issues, If We Still Have Some – Astrological Update by Kaypacha

Oh this is a great new one by Kaypacha. Essentially, “Let’s leave our “issues” in the old paradgim!”

Other great tidbits:

“We create issues out of non-issues.”

“We could say that when we come to “Enlightenment,” we don’t have any “issues.” Enlightenment is when one doesn’t experience an more emotional charge around certain situations, or experiences emotional triggers of “issues” around things that used to bother the person.

“Part of waking up, the waking up process is Facing Our Issues.”

“Nudity is not an issue for me, other things that trigger people, isn’t an issue for me. I don’t have any blocks, resistance or filters that pull me out of the present moment experience.”

“This is a free will universe. We can choose to deny, avoid, and/or ignore looking at our issues too!”

Great Episode! InJoy! – wyndstorm


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