The Great Inbreath

As of right now, I’ve been feeling super lethargic. This last week, I feel the cosmic tide coming in. The great inbreath is happening right now.

in thinking its the sun energies right now. Here see pick below; we’re getting bombarded with solar plasma waves. It’s like my brain just isn’t working properly.


Ethan and I just moved to a much peacefuller location. Far far away from the hustle and bustle and town. Thank goodness we are here for a month. Ethan and I Rollin solo over here.


And our first kitchen all to ourselves. Ahhhhhhh. Wondering what the next waves of solar plasma manifest and create? Life in Guatemala.



3 thoughts on “The Great Inbreath

  1. Dear One — Here in Arkansas with our friend Blue Star — in the snow. We’re getting our space set up too. One week here and we’re starting to rock and roll. I think we might be settling here. It’s a beautiful town and I’m sleeping better than I have at any time in my adult life. The three of us are having a blast! And this is only our first week. Well, we warmed up in Morocco. Love to you and Ethan in those warmer climes, Alia


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