Why Do I Call Myself “You”?

Good Question!

Language Yoga


One night I couldn’t sleep so I got out of bed and stretched out on the floor for some meditation. My whole body was energized.  I felt happy and excited.  As I began my meditation, I noticed that my mind was racing. Just then a voice spoke in my head. It was the voice of my guru self – deep, calm, and serene. It was my voice of wisdom.  It said:

“Aaron, you need to breathe and relax.”

Ah, that was good advice. I emptied my mind and began a deep inhale, held it for a moment, then released and pushed my breath out as far as I could go and held that for a moment. My breath snapped back in and I repeated the process a few times. I started to feel clearer. I began to surrender to feeling and relaxing. My guru self popped back into my head…

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