The Emotional Trigger IS the Healing

There have been times where I got so triggered, I blew off of my own center. I went into reaction mode, not response-ability mode. There were a few times I got super defensive, blamed, pointed the finger, activating my own victim/aggressor paradigm consciousness, but this was before I knew about Language Yoga. This was before I knew how to reprogram my own mind.

IMG_1008I had an experience last fall where my whole inner reality was shaken to the core, but I didn’t react negatively, nor did I push my own inner garbage out on to other people. I retreated into myself. I called every friend I knew who could potentially help me process my own inner fear, my own inner false evidence appearing real. I cried so hard at one point, It sounded like I was giving birth. Releasing and letting go of old cellular memories from lifetimes out of the physical body.

When the trigger first erupted, I felt like I was a volcano. “What do you mean? No one else is feeling this way right now??” I felt like I was on some type of drug, or swimmimg in a pool underwater, everything was fuzzy. I felt like “I” was coming apart at the seams.

Essentially, i was. It was like I was experiencing a shamanic dismemberment, and moving through time to put myself back together again. The wave came in, and I surfed it, like a pro.

During that time, my trigger regarded a community I was living within. Instead of reacting, pointing the finger, or even blaming others for causing my emotional trigger, I used my linguistics tool. I rewrote the language in my own mind.

I became much more compassionate, I became much more gentle in my words, for I took full responsibility for my experience, for creating the scenario in order to experience expansion and growth.

IMG_1009I emerged from that experience an entirely different person. I passed my own emotional maturity test, with flying colors. I have an entire invisible clapping cheerleader squad echoing in my mind, congratulating me on doing the inner work.

This practice is not easy, but if I can do it, anyone can. As I clear my own emotional garbage, baggage that is no longer necessary, or needed, I open up to allowing more light, more space, more emptiness within myself.

What’s the point? To step into emotional mastery, to step forward in Truth from the place of ability-to-respond, instead of re-act.

Everything I do, I speak from experience, from my own inner wisdom, with the intention of maybe one day, spreading the spark to illuminate another myself.


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