Courage Alert! • Refrain From Using the Word “YOU” for Just One Day

Warning !! Emotional Trigger Alert!! The following is an exercise not to be taken too seriously, but for fun as an experiment in consciousness. The reader becomes aware of their own internal psychological workings. Read Below at Own Risk!

Or maybe just for an hour? Or two? For 10 minutes? Or Maybe I just become aware of how many times I use the word “YOU?” Does this sound silly, stupid? I’m telling myself, this practice is powerful. This is simply a practice of AWARENESS. The purpose of this exercise is to cultivate more “I AM – ISness” within the Self, expanding beyond souly a spiritual practice and bringing it into NOW, into the physical mundane reality.

I know through experience it’s harder to not use the word “YOU” during speech, but much easier when writing. I’ve gotten more creative with my words, and word choice. If I’m speaking with another person, and we happen to be having a discussion, and I point out inner psychological workings, I call the person by their name. I’ve even started using THYSELF, or THY. This is to clarify my own noticings within the other person, without getting my own projections confused and entangled in the mix.

Is this exercise easy, difficult, or somewhere in between? Just like taking the body for a walk, this exercise creates psychological health in the mind. Is it fun? Is there resistance? Oooooooh! Oooooooh! So much room for self-expansion and growth! This is one practice that is an Asana (yoga posture) for the mind.


I Googled “YOU” for images, and I got a lot of pics with the finger pointing. One finger pointing forward, three pointing back, and a thumb that seems to hang sort of pointing forward. To me the use of this word creates a lot of externalization, and I’ve got images to prove it.


Who is this “YOU” and why do I identify with this word? What would happen if I just started to only associate myself with “I?” I AM “I.” So if a purported “Authority Figure” refers to me as “YOU,” I have absolutely no association with that word, and I don’t answer questions. “YOU?” Who is this “YOU?” Another tidbit to prevent tacit consent.

I know there is a woman in Boulder, Colorado, who legally changed her name to YOU some 25 years ago. I totally get it. When she would introduce herself to other people, she’d say, “I AM YOU.” IMG_1003That is totally great and wonderful, and served its purpose. She brought forth subtle and subliminal messages to bring unity consciousness to the Human Collective. You, if you are reading this now, THANK I. I AM going to take this one step further.


Who is this “I” ? Is it the big I or the small i? Could it possibly be both at the same time? Am I everything or am i nothing? How exactly does one merge with everything that IS, positive AND negative? I know it starts within, I know it starts with looking at and processing fear. Actually, that’s the biggest one. Processing fear. The best tool i’ve discovered to work with that one is from Inelia Benz. Click here for the link to her fear processing exercise tool.

Doing this practice, for me, has activated my own own mental and emotional subtle body torus field into a self sustainable magnetic sphere. Through doing this practice daily, moment by moment, I am aware of myself, and my outer world and my perceptions. It’s like I see and visualize myself as an ‘I’ and am fully INBodying it, just by changing my words around, just by shifting my language. ITS CRAZY!!

IMG_1005I’m doing the practice, and have seen IMMENSE change in my inner world. IMMENSE! This practice takes COURAGE, I know. Funny, I just thought of the Lion from “The Wizard of Oz.” What did the Lion receive at the end of the journey from the “Great and Powerful Oz?” A metal that said “Courage.” Did receiving this metal really give the Lion courage? Probably not, because it’s been in him all along! It’s like the placebo effect.

Having the courage to face my own outwardly projections can only be done within myself. Having the courage to face my own darkness, my own negative polarity inside myself, can only be done through my own inner work.

I’ve cried a lot, and I’ve laughed a lot; I’ve let go, released everything I know, and have begun again. And the one thing I’ve realized, is that it’s really not that scary, nor frightening, especially when doing it with myself, being my own best friend, and holding my own hand.

I highly encourage trying this practice. Got a journal or a diary? Go back through the writings and translate all external pronouns into I, me, my, myself. What did I find? What happened? And feel free to share experiences below. I do look forward to reading them. Frustrations welcome too! The only request though is to use I Language Yoga 😉 Have fun and InJoy!


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