Wow – These Energies

I’m just going to post something short right now. The New Moon is today, and I’m feeling in my internal world something stirring. I focus on balance.

Even regarding my Illuminati post. I feel the power in those words. Essentially I’m referring to the Illuminati as my family, and in essence, we truly are. All originates from ONE source. Even if perhaps a distorted perception perceives that they are ONE specific family, Luciferian fractal Essences, and they completed their evolution as one soul group before the rest of us did, doesn’t mean that there are those of us who are still needing their services. Thanks, but uh, no thanks. I’m a completely awake and aware sovereign being focusing on expansion and personal self empowerment. I am healing my lack and limitation polarity consciousness. Time. To. Move. On.

Sure, fears have come up. “Am I allowing myself to be possessed? Are those Entities f*@#ing with me again?” Then I realize, it’s all me, and what am I afraid of, myself? BWHA! That’s funny. Oh how I love a good laugh.

I’ve daydreamed several times imagining what it would be like to meet Hilary Clinton in person, and hang out and have a chat. Or would there even be a chat? I’d probably just stare at her, reading her energy, saying, “Holy crap I do exist?” And maybe she’d be looking at me and be like, “holy crap, they do exist?”

What my intention is and was for that post is that I intend to reconcile within myself all my fractals, both perceived as positive and negative.


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