Jack the Watcher on “Tethers of Service”

Thanks Alia! So glad to be moving forward!

New Earth Paradigm

Alia’s Comments: This is a huge piece for me, who has known at some level that I was pulling “extra duty” (my choice but not always a conscious one in this lifetime) to help clear the issues of the human collective (Jack reminds us that it is the Collective of all inhabitants of Gaia.) Sometimes I have felt so exhausted from working day and night that I didn’t know how I would go on one more minute. And then — somehow — I did. And I will.

Such good news that our burdens will be lightening up this year!

I know that I am not alone in this, so Rejoice! And get ready for traveling at warp speed.

(And for those of you who feel you have already been traveling at warp speed: We ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Baby!)

Here’s Jack

Jack The Watcher Jack The Watcher

Tethers of Service

Gaia Collective largeSince 12/21/12 when…

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