I Could Be Eating GMO Food Right Now

Guatemala Market Food

Could’ve these veggies been grown with Roundup?

I am currently in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The landscape is beautiful, the people are amazing, the colors, craftsmanship, and artwork, stunning. And the food, is, um, pretty good, but I don’t know what farm the veggies come from. They don’t really label “organic” where I’m at in the markets.

I’ve asked some of the vendors if they grew their own food, and they looked at me very confused. Appartenly Monsanto comes down here and gives away free seeds and Roundup, you know, to help make farming easier for the farmers. And guess what the farmers say, “it works!” Oh little do they know about the lasting effects of putting poison in the soil.

Mostly when people come down here to visit, I always hear many people say the’ve picked up a parasite, or got food poisoning, which really was from some kind of parasite. But rarely do I hear about people mention anything about GMO poisoning. Lucky for me I haven’t gotten sick yet, but I also have been extra cautious about what I put into my body.

I could be "embracing" more than I know right now

I could be “embracing” more than I know right now

It’s the weirdest thing. Back in the states people are sooo anti GMO, it’s almost turned into a mortal sin to even think about buying non-organic produce. I know in less developed countries, Monsanto has made quite an impact. But how much really? And are there still some farms that do things the “old fashioned way?” And how long would it take to see the effects? Years probably. Well, it’s a good thing this is only temporary.

“Usas productos quimicos?” I will ask the attendant the next time I am in the market, which will probably be tomorrow. We will find out what I discover! But there is a part of me that doesn’t want to know. What if it’s all places? What if it’s my market attendants that I’ve made aquaintences with? Well, we will find out if I have the courage to ask some serious questions.

Lake atitlan guatemala

The Volcanos of Lago de Atitlan



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