Why Do I Call Myself “You”?

Good Question!

Language Yoga


One night I couldn’t sleep so I got out of bed and stretched out on the floor for some meditation. My whole body was energized.  I felt happy and excited.  As I began my meditation, I noticed that my mind was racing. Just then a voice spoke in my head. It was the voice of my guru self – deep, calm, and serene. It was my voice of wisdom.  It said:

“Aaron, you need to breathe and relax.”

Ah, that was good advice. I emptied my mind and began a deep inhale, held it for a moment, then released and pushed my breath out as far as I could go and held that for a moment. My breath snapped back in and I repeated the process a few times. I started to feel clearer. I began to surrender to feeling and relaxing. My guru self popped back into my head…

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The Emotional Trigger IS the Healing

There have been times where I got so triggered, I blew off of my own center. I went into reaction mode, not response-ability mode. There were a few times I got super defensive, blamed, pointed the finger, activating my own victim/aggressor paradigm consciousness, but this was before I knew about Language Yoga. This was before I knew how to reprogram my own mind.

IMG_1008I had an experience last fall where my whole inner reality was shaken to the core, but I didn’t react negatively, nor did I push my own inner garbage out on to other people. I retreated into myself. I called every friend I knew who could potentially help me process my own inner fear, my own inner false evidence appearing real. I cried so hard at one point, It sounded like I was giving birth. Releasing and letting go of old cellular memories from lifetimes out of the physical body.
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Courage Alert! • Refrain From Using the Word “YOU” for Just One Day

Warning !! Emotional Trigger Alert!! The following is an exercise not to be taken too seriously, but for fun as an experiment in consciousness. The reader becomes aware of their own internal psychological workings. Read Below at Own Risk!

Or maybe just for an hour? Or two? For 10 minutes? Or Maybe I just become aware of how many times I use the word “YOU?” Does this sound silly, stupid? I’m telling myself, this practice is powerful. This is simply a practice of AWARENESS. The purpose of this exercise is to cultivate more “I AM – ISness” within the Self, expanding beyond souly a spiritual practice and bringing it into NOW, into the physical mundane reality.

I know through experience it’s harder to not use the word “YOU” during speech, but much easier when writing. I’ve gotten more creative with my words, and word choice. If I’m speaking with another person, and we happen to be having a discussion, and I point out inner psychological workings, I call the person by their name. I’ve even started using THYSELF, or THY. This is to clarify my own noticings within the other person, without getting my own projections confused and entangled in the mix.
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I’m Calling Myself Out! – A Language Yoga Translation

Language Yoga Immersion

This translation I’m going to leave as anonymous, even though I know who it is from. I have no intention of defaming anyone, or ruffling feathers. The point here is to explain what a Language Yoga Translation is, and how one can Call Myself Out.

update!: I’m using Language Yoga to edit my own writing!! So this article is written totally in integrity with the Tool, my edits are crossed out, and the correct words march this color. 

– wyndstorm

“The Federal Reserve is completely and totally out of control, and Congress needs to start exerting power over it. Hopefully the American people will start to send more representatives to Washington D.C. that understand this. “

Language Yoga Translation

I AM completely and totally out of control, and I need to start exerting power over MYSELF. Hopefully I will start to send more MORE PARTS OF MYSELF back to ME that understand this.
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Updating of the 5th Dimensional Chakra System


The following was posted by Whispering Serenity on http://www.tsu.co, 2/21/15. Injoy! – wyndstorm

Whispering Serenity – Feb 21, 2015


#Updating of the #Fifth #Dimensional #Chakra #System

At the Cosmic Moment 21/12/12, our energy systems changed forever, preparing us for imminent ascension.

The first thing that occurred was a massive increase in our capacity to hold light within our four body system.

Almost instantly, our auras, our Merkabah system expanded greatly, in preparation for the volume of light to be received.

The Cosmic Moment was an intensely personal experience for every soul with a spiritual focus.

Some found it incredibly illuminating, others found it was the start of one of the most testing periods of preparation that their bodies have ever experienced.

In the short space of three years, we have jumped from the limited space that we have occupied since the fall of Atlantis, into an all singing-all dancing 4/5d energy body.

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