What’s So Real About “Real” Estate ? – “Real” Estate Part 2

Uh, oh. So what happens if I want to live on land that is “For Sale” by Owner? Whoops! Technically I’d be paying money to the individual person, but they still bought into the game where they probably got a loan, or a mortgage, or blah blah blah, and still the land title lies in the hands of the Vatican. We slaves “peasants” are only allowed to live on the land for a fee, we don’t actually “own” anything.

I found this quote by Steve Weston, on a forum from 2011, when someone asked, “Why is it called “real estate?” Here is Steve’s answer:

As a real estate broker in California, this is a question I’ve had for some time. Wikipedia notwistanding, I am convinced the term derives from the middle ages. First, we can agree that “estate,” means “what sombody owns.” For instance, when a person dies that person’s “estate,” is probated, or inherited. So everybody agrees that’s the meaning of the word “estate.” So now to the meaning of the word “real.” Well, looking this up in an English dictionary is, IMHO, not the correct method of determining its meaning. We in california, will recognize the term “El Camino Real,” which translated from Spanish means “The King’s Highway.” Applying this intrepretation to “real,” we get, “the king’s property.” Now isn’t this strange that we would refer to land as “the king’s property?” Well, in 2011, yes it is. But in 811, it wasn’t. Back then, the only people who owned land were royalty. In fact people lived in a “kingdom.” A serf, or anyone other than royalty, never actually owned the land upon which the built their home. They had what is known as a “life estate.” this meant that for as long as you were alive, you got to live on the King’s property. When you died, the land reverted back to the king. Now you had no right to say who would “inherit” your land, because it wasn’t yours after you died, it was the king’s. So what you did was write a letter to the king expressing your “will,” to have your wife, son, or daughter, inherit another life estate on the land you previously owned until you died. This is the origin of the term “will.” The king wasn’t the only person who could own land. People with a “title,” could also own land. A duke, owned all the land in a duchy, a prince owned all the land in a piricipality, a baron owned all the land in a barony, and a count owned all the land in a county. The King, baron, duke prince, or count, charged all who lived on their land a “tax.” This tradition survives down to our own time, in that real estate taxes are not collected by the state, or federal government, but are colledted and assessed by the “county.” We also continue the tradition of referring to ownership, as “title,” as in “The husband and wife are both “on title.”

Now, after reading that from a “real estate” broker, and if I still believed we in America are the land of the Free, I’d seriously question my sanity and logical reasoning. It appears to me that we still operate as if we are living in feudal times, complete with serfs and peasants (us regular folk), Counts (County Commissioner), Dukes and Barons (Governors, Secret Society Elite), and can’t forget about the Queen (obviously this one remains redundant).

Well, damn! Since everything is owned by the Queen (well, mostly all, 1/6th of the planet, read here) and the Vatican hold all the titles, what is one to do? This is fundamentally the biggest question one could possibly ask themselves, and when the solution surfaces, its essentially game over for the Papal Royal “We,” at least for me anyway.

>2015/01/img_0850.pngThe Monopoly version of Real Estate looks kinda like musical chairs. Remember those games? Fundamental in shaping my childhood. Never enough. The material pieces kept getting bought up, and taken. Sure, sometimes I was the successor, but then my friends ended up with less. What would the new games look like? I’d love to experience being in a place where imagination can take form and the New can be co-created together with others.

The other answer for where “real” in real estate comes from is, as stated here on the Princeton University website:

In law, the word real means relating to a thing (res/rei, thing, from O.Fr. reel, from L.L. realis “actual,” from Latin. res, “matter, thing”),[3] as distinguished from a person. Thus the law broadly distinguishes between “real” property (land and anything affixed to it) and “personal” property (everything else, e.g., clothing, furniture, money). The conceptual difference was between immovable property, which would transfer title along with the land, and movable property, which a person would retain title to. The oldest use of the term “Real Estate” that has been preserved in historical records was in 1666.[3] This use of “real” also reflects the ancient and feudal preference for land, and the ownership (and owners) thereof.

Well, if that’s the case, then I choose to have a home on some Real Real Estate. Yup, acquiring me some real realty here.

Even now, I say to myself, “Well, I could go down that route and buy land….” and my energy goes dead in the water. I sit here shaking my head. That is not an option. I didn’t come down to this planet to go along with the crowd. That is not how I am wired. I came with an intention to set MySelf Free. Even if all the money I needed was given to me to “buy” a piece of land, its the principle, the underlying energetic signature that repels that idea for me. I deeply desire to EXPERIENCE acquiring land differently than it has ever been done before. A part of me questions my ability to do this. How in the world will this manifest into reality? If it really is in the highest interest that I acquire a bunch of $$money$$ to buy some land somewhere, I would need some serious signs from my own Higher Guidance. But then I think if that was the case, the RVs (global currency reevaluation) would have gone down by now. Yet, they haven’t. Hmmm. ?

I’m growing tired of being a total gypsy, and am seeking land to settle down upon. My logical mind is tired of trying to find the solution. If I’m going to be alive on this planet, then I am making a serious request from my Higher Go(o)d Self to be provided with whatever I need to experience my visions and dreams in real Real Estate. Gardening, food, fruit trees, building structures, co-creative development where everyone is equal, sans “owner” mentality – this is my dream. I choose to experience it as Real. 😉



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