When Good(ness) turned into “God”

So I was walking around today, and had quite an unpleasant experience where I was on the street, a large chicken bus down here in Guatemala drove by, and a huge cloud of black smokey exhaust exited out its muffler. Dios mio! Ethan and I looked at each other, held our breath, and walked up the street to an alley way. I then got images Ethan taking a picture of me standing behind the bus with a big super smile on my face, left hand doing the cowabunga hand gesture, and saying, “yeah, this is freaking awesome! This is divinity in action right here. Let’s Celebrate this awesome occurrence of being almost choked out by exhaust!”

In the past, you know what I’d usually do instead? I’d either ignore it, tune it out, or deny it’s existence. Or even more prevalently “judge” those aspects of my external reflection as “bad,” or even secretly wish they would wake up and change their ways and habits cause then they’d live a much happier life, obviously.

But really, WTF do I know, and who am I to decide what other inbodyments should or shouldn’t do? That’s the point of this Free Will universe, right? Right! There is an unconditional love and allowance that stimulates creation, cause pretty much anything goes around here. We get to put on our array costumes, and play in an interactive live theater complete with real life effects. How wild! 7 billion different realities all operating simultaneously on one planet!

My Light and Dark #LanguageYoga

And here is what I have figured out so far: When I hold in my heart, my Darkness equal to my Light, the Goodness inside me radiates outward equally balanced.

The all seeing eyeI, myself, am a creation of Goodness. How funny to me the similarities in those words, Good vs. God. There is only one “o” missing. Don’t those two “oo”s look like eyeballs? In “God,” it’s the one-eyed cyclops! Wait a minute, where have I seen that one-eyed eyeball before? Oh yeah! Doesn’t that look familiar?

Buddha EyesWhen two eyeballs are present, the wholeness of the universal polarity is balanced. Both the yin/yang, left/right, masculine/feminine, light/dark are balanced and represented equally.

In the Anastasia: Ringing Cedars of Russia series, when Anastaisa was a child, not more than 2 years old, after her parents had passed, she was left on the plot of land her parents created as a Space of Love for her alone in the Siberian Taiga (forest). It was then her Grandfather witnessed a blue sphere of light that looked to have lightening running through its “body,” pick Anastasia up after she had stumbled. To her Grandfather, it appeared as if this sphere has conscious awareness, thought. He found this to be quite unique, since he knew only Man reflected the ability of the Creator to think. When he asked her about the sphere, she didn’t speak much about it, but called it “Good.” In a later sequence of events, this sphere manifested as a 7 year old androgynous looking being, representing the Creator Itself manifested in human form.

There is a LOT more to the story, and if you want more, read book 7: The Energy of Life. Believe, don’t believe, I don’t really care. All I know is when I read that story the images have remained and stuck in my heart/mind and resonate as truth. And that’s a whole lot more then I can say about those A.P. US History text books i read in High School. Those were supposedly “true stories” about what went down in the last 300 years, but I couldn’t remember a damn thing when it came to test time!

The concept of “God” emerged when we dropped an “o” in Good, and moved into a polarity of only seeing one side of the spectrum. If a man sees only light or only dark, half of his awareness is pushed into the shadows, his unconscious. Funny how there seems to be numerous sexual scandals in the Roman Catholic Church these days. Perhaps the concept of “God” has tucked away in the shadows natural human desires and inverted things once pure and innocent? But I guess that doesn’t really matter, since all is Divinity and I choose to simply honor it’s existence as it IS.

That said, I now worship the Good(ness) in MySelf! I see and experience everyone and everything as pure perfection, as only Divinity exists in expresses itself my reality.



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