So, I want land to live on, but do I really “have to” pay the Queen of England, and that old white dude in Rome? “Real” Estate Part 1

imageOk, I’ve about HAD IT UP TO HERE with this nonsense! I’m 33 years old, and walking into a bank, signing a piece of paper, having the bank monetize my signature, make a note on their ledger saying now they now have this “new” money, then “lend” me my money to me, telling me I have 30 years plus interest to pay back something that didn’t exist before I walked into their door, otherwise known as a mortgage, is just absolutely ridiculous and simply not an option. It is my Free Will choice to CHOOSE what it is that I wish to experience and I co-create and command the Land I live on on THIS EARTH be Free, lush, expansive, abundant and prosperous!

I am a steward of the Land I reside on. It supports me fully. I am able to create whatever structures I like on said piece of Land, freely and unencumbered. This land is in alignment with all of creation. All, and I mean ALL, the resources that I and the Land co-create and generate, go directly to me, my other co-creators, and into this Land, creating a self-perpetuating Torus / Toroidal Field. This Land, MySelf and my other indbodyments, create a True Field of sustainability that is in Truth as is Reflected and Mirrored in Nature. And So It IS!

Queen Elizabeth and the Pope

They must get together often

Now on to the nitty gritty. All land titles, ownership, of homes, estates, land, belong to the Vatican. So, if you’ve got a mortgage, you’re money goes to the Queen of England and the Pope. People are in poverty because the majority of the resources go OUT OF THE LAND in to these peoples (and their families, and friends, and lineages, etc.) pockets.

Doesn’t that seem a bit strange? Doesn’t anybody ever wonder what they are paying their $$ to anyways, or is it just me and my resistance to “authority” outside of myself? Or is it the Collective and, “well that’s just the way it is around here.”

Well, you know what I have to say about that – HORSE SHIT! Who the FUCK are these people?? AND WHY Am I PAYING THEM!!!!???? Because they gave me the use of money 350 years ago? HELLO? Haven’t I raised my level of awareness since then?? Yes I have. And I refuse to pay someone else to LIVE ON A PLANET I WAS BORN ON – IT IS MY BIRTHRIGHT TO LIVE FREE AND UNENCUMBERED AND I CHOOSE TO ACTIVATE MY CHOICE NOW, and have it be HONORED. I MYSELF Queen Elizabeth!

Here is my declaration : Thank you Queen Elizabeth, and the Pope, and all other Popes from the past, for your service to humanity in being “custodian and ruler of the sleeping people,” but I AM Awake Now, and am no longer in need of your service. Thank you-I for the role you have played in my life, but I now release you from your duties, as I am my own custodian of MySelf.

Who are the Queen and the Pope anyways? And why are they in a position to have authority over us “commoners” ? Because We as a Collective, and a people, have subconsciously allowed them too, and agreed to this display of their “power over others” role inbodied.

These “authority” principles have lived deeply in our unconscious shadow mind for eons now, but the time has come to release those restraints and set ourselves free. And the only one who can set one Free is ONESELF. As said in above declaration, I AM My own Custodian of MySelf.

That’s right, NO ONE ELSE can set you free. NO ONE ELSE can Save you! No one can be your Custodian. Not Even Jesus! That’s right – not even some dead guy who died 2,000 years ago CANNOT SAVE YOU (YOU as the Inbodyment that you BE). Here, I’ll write it in #LanguageYoga – I Can Only Save MySelf. The Jesus/Savior/Martyr psychological complex will be dealt with in a later article.

Back to the Land. So, I am solving this riddle, once and for all, as it is the one question that still sits within my mind and heart every day. Do I really “Have To” pay someone else to live on this planet”? My heart, says no. My heart, I trust; my feelings, I trust. I do not choose to pay another human, and get sucked into the false, fake, illusionary debt trap in order to live on and steward a plot of land on My Planet. I choose to live Freely and in True abundance with nature and my surroundings, in true sustainability.

So, what are my other options? There must be another option. What is it? What is this other option? I’m not really interested in fighting a broken, crumbling system, but how long will it take to finally “die”? And I’m looking for this Land now, to manifest into my reality within the next few years. But HOW? Ah, yes, this one, my small earthly human self keeps asking, and my higher wisdom Self simply winks at me and smiles. Now I really have no freaking clue what that means, but all I know is the how is where the magic and fun comes into play.


OH, and if you, the reader, are looking for more hard facts when it comes to who really owns the land, etc. I recommend doing your own homework and visiting other articles/videos on my site listed in the “Mirrored” Category, also, these sites listed below, and google some phrases too while your at it – also listed below. The rabbit hole gets preeettty deep down there 😉 Google: Strawman and your birth certificate, oppt, babylon banking rothschild, Hidden Hand, Illuminati


One thought on “So, I want land to live on, but do I really “have to” pay the Queen of England, and that old white dude in Rome? “Real” Estate Part 1

  1. Thank I for sharing this valuable information, iwyndstorm. I love your passion! I can only save myself, yes! And my higher self winking at me, so brilliant, I will think of that everytime I see the winky emoticon. Much Love! 😉 – Aaron


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