Meeting my edge

I’ve never really been a writer.

Actually I’ve hated and despised writing for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to bypass the time aspect of sitting down to write, and wanted the entire concept in my mind to come out instantly. Which is why I picked graphic design as my college major. Yup, went to art school. Why? Cause I didn’t have to write long arduous papers about things I don’t really care about. Second reason, and I discovered this benefit later in life, was so I could balance both my left and right hemispheres in my brain and translate my internal imagination out into the physical reality we call Life.

BananoI also don’t like being in front of the computer for hours and hours. In the past, I used to really injoy it. And as a former graphic designer, one would probably choose to love it, right? But outside is my true home. Tending to the plants, animals; making spaces beautiful filled with Life. This is where my heart lies.

I now understand the purpose of college. It’s the alleged “necessary training” one needs in order to be be a skilled working servant fitting ever so neatly into a chosen, categorized, and cubical career of todays “civilized” world; careers based upon a very limited spectrum of awareness. And that is totally ok if one wants to live their life in a cubical, I totally support that choice, 100,000% ! But for me, I know in my heart there is much more to life. For me, it’s the real heart connection I get with people, and I want to go deeper. I want people to slow down, chill out a bit, sit in some quiet space out in nature, slow the doing, and do more of being. In time, right? The Earth herself is changing, and I feel it. I feel it in the land, I see it in the sun. I feel it as the essence of what truly IS.

How ironic, rural, remote, out in a hut, typing away on a virtual keyboard to share my inner space with my other inbodyments.

Always when I sit down to write, i feel overwhelmed, like I have so much to get out that I’ve procratstinated on writing, my body becomes super anxious and agitated. It’s been like this since I was a child. I didn’t like being forced to sit down and stay there for hours. But now I’ve found a hammock, and typing away with my thumbs isn’t so bad. I’m finally relaxing into the space.

As I look at the “civilized” modern day work force, is that what school trained us to primarily to do? Be able to sit down for long periods of time? Ok, well, thats fine, but we can get better seating? Like a meditation cushion? Why not practice meditation posture while listening to the teacher? But then I think to myself the dark side of education (think Pink Floyd’s The Wall). Once again, my body goes into processing. It’s not that I perceive education as “bad”. I perceive everything equally, both light and dark aspects. No, I have not always done so, but in this NOW moment, I do 🙂 It feels like a uniting of polar opposites on a unified spectrum, — the whole encheeeeilada !!!

Anyways, back to the present day education system. In 3D/4D school is probably necessary, because humans were (and still are) operating from a limited awareness. By limited awareness, I mean that humans are not fully connected to their “higher” Self, collective consciousness of humanity, their I AM Presence, even their physical biological space suit (the human body) for that matter.

We’ve all heard of “junk” DNA… well, what if all that “junk” turned itself on one day, and came fully online – we’d be superhumans! Ah, yes, can’t give the car keys to the kid who hasn’t learned how to drive yet. So in the meantime, activation is feeling like a much slower process. But we wouldn’t want to put too much stress on the physical body; it could be like putting too many amps through a circuit, and we wouldn’t want the human nervous system to short out.


School and life in the 5th dimension / density would probably be a LOT different.

I imagine plants, flowers, and greenery both inside and out, natural earthen structures, windows, and plenty of fresh air. 5D schools encourage daydreaming and imagination! Empathy, physical/mental/emotional connection, psychic abilities, and feelings are highly valued, and practiced, and honed in upon. Almost like practice sessions one may find at Hogwart’s, but the atmosphere is a bit brighter, with more colors of the rainbow. There is an emphasis on discovering the natural world, communicating with plants and animals as a part of daily practice. Also, an emphasis on stillness and meditation for those students old enough to contemplate communication with non-verbal life-forms. Even yoga for all ages is brought into the curriculum. Essentially, it’s like mystery schools, but not so much of a mystery any more since the majority of people inbodied on Earth are actively taking part in Re-membering their true essence, their true Selves.

I can see it and feel it, so for now I will just keep dreaming. 😉 thanks for tuning in.

I love I as Another MySelf


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