What is the 5th Density / Dimension?

Most of humanity is very familiar with 3D. It’s how we as a species perceive what is solid, for life on this planet is much more than a dot (1D) or a line (2D). But what else is there? And why have people in the “New Age” realm (and even that band from the 60’s “The Fifth Dimension” who recorded the classic song “Age of Aquarius” – see vid below) focused on this experiential reality called the 5th dimension? What makes it different?

Well, the main difference is in how beings interact with each other. In 3D, there happens to be a large amount of separation from Self, which then translates into victim/aggressor or “I and other inbodyments who are not myself” paradigm. There is also a high amount of blame, and/or disappointment when things don’t go as planned, fear, anger, resentment, jealously, manipulation, control, and lack of empathy. Essentially, all the lower vibrating frequencies of human expression.

So what’s it like in 5D and beyond? Well, quite the opposite of what I stated above. Victim/aggressor becomes “I and other inbodyments as myself”, I mySelf, which is now fully connected to and in unity with other aspects of mySelf. I am now empowered to take full responsibility for my reality and my part in its creation. Everything in my life now rests completely on my own shoulders, so the only person I am able to blame is myself. Instead of disappointment, I experience letting go of attachments, knowing full well that if something isn’t going as planned, then it obviously is not in my highest interest and something else, even more in alignment with my highest truth and resonance will come my way. Instead of lack of empathy, in 5D I am compassionate with myself and others, displaying high amounts of unconditional understanding for me and the other versions inbodied as myself. Fear becomes love, which now continues to push the envelope of heart centered being and awareness. Now, fear in this reality is simply my body sending me a signal of alert to use my discernment for navigating what steps to take next. Anger transitions into a deep surrender to what IS. Resentment transitions into forgiveness. Jealousy becomes admiration and being inspired by other inbodyments. Manipulation and control transition into being allowing and accepting of other inbodyments free will choice to choose their own individual path of self expression, regardless of whatever I may think or feel regarding their choices.

In the 5th Dimension there is also a knowing that each inbodyment is their own Divine I Am Presence. They have come back into unity with their Selves, no longer separated from their higher Self or even from other aspects of Selves expressing in other inbodyments.

However, this is not to be confused with a complete merging back into Oneness, the All and Nothingness, where the Self looses its unique energetic identity signature. Even in the Oneness of all that is, fractals contain their own unique frequency, awaiting expression in the physical form.

Now what’s the difference between density and dimension? Well, right now on planet Earth there are at least 7 billion different dimensions, based on the amount of human perspectives currently in existence. Any time those different dimensions build a structure, or congregate together in some shape or form (even in a car) they create another dimension of reality. Density however is the collective experience of reality. It is the combination of all those different dimensions operating in agreement with each other that forms density. To get to a 5th Density Earth experience, there will probably need to be a significant number of inbodyments individually operating from a 5th Dimensional inner space.

The following is a quote from the book

Prism of Lyra

by Lyssa Royal, describing the 5th Density:

“[The 5th Density is] Experiential awareness of “I” as a group identity, not bound by linear time. In this density sentient consciousness begins to awaken to its heritage. this is the density of wisdom. As one awakens the wisdom within, they very often want to share it with those who are still focused in the lower densities. many from this realm choose to become guides for others. A 5th density being merges with its family of consciousness (“oversoul” or “higher self” if you will) and begins to remember. This is the first density in which a nonphysical orientation is experienced.”

Right now at the time of this writing, humanity is not operating in a 5th Density experience. However, I know there are many inbodyments choosing to transition into 5th Dimensional inner space through their own process of healing, and clearing lower vibrating emotional densities, I myself included. Also, it is my current understanding that Earth is already expressed in 5th Density, she is simply patiently waiting for her beloved children to catch up.

So by clearing, purging and cleansing my physical, mental, & emotional bodies, my carbon DNA, my inner space reality is now becoming aligned with Earth’s 5th Density crystalline reality, and is starting to manifest outwardly in my daily life! I guess this is what Ascension really is all about ;-D

I Love I as Another MySelf



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