I ditched Facebook, and moved to Tsu

Tsu is working for me“Dear Facebook, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to diss on you or anything. Thank you for the great service of all you have done for the world, and the people on this planet, myself included, but I need another option. And either you adapt and change with the expanding human consciousness. Or some thing else will come in and take your place. Thank you, but I’ve moved on. Love you!” – Wyndstorm


goldMoney, itself is based upon human value. NO it is NOT based on gold / or silver,that is a fictitious lie, a mere guise, to trick humans into thinking that the value is indeed outside of themselves. Let me ask you, can gold / silver grow food? Can they build you a house? Can they provide you with great conversation, make you laugh? Do they provide you with inspiration and motivation? Well, I guess that would depend on what level of consciousness one operates from.

The economy market today bases its value on gold, or what gold reserves a country has, etc. etc. Or at least that is what they say or tell you; it’s based on. Last I checked though, human chattel (personal property of the “government”) was a term used in the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) docs. This opens up a whole other bag of worms, and food for another article which will come later, but for now what you will find here is a totally new way of perceiving money and Value.

How much time to you spend on Facebook? Do you consider your time valuable? Ever wonder where Facebook makes their money from? Well, as of this writing, their price per share of their publicly traded company is $image78.02. Where in God’s name do they get their money from?? It’s an internet business that is free to users?

Surprise surprise, they make their money from content you post, and sell your data, your time and energy, to a variety of marketing agencies, CIA, MI5, advertising, etc.

Um, I’m the one that posts the information, data, and I’m not seeing any of the revenue? WTF? You mean I am willingly giving MYSELF AWAY and selling myself short? Why on Earth would I ever want to do that? That just plain sounds stupid.

So what are my options? Well, this new site called Tsu (find me at http://www.tsu.co/wyndstorm) actually shares the profits with you, calling them Royalties (sounds familiar right, like an artist on a record label). I’ve been wanting to be more connected globally, but when I used Facebook, to me it felt like an energy drain. Like I was spending my time and energy without really getting anything in return, at least that’s the way it felt. So, if you’re one that uses Facebook to market your business, I’m sure there is a return on that? Or is there? People now know about you, and what you’re up to, so that’s a plus. But what if you could keep your data, and be valued in the process with receiving currency just for posting, on top of your potential clientelle revenue?

Sounds pretty awesome right?


The site Tsu just launched late October, 2014, so it’s still new. However, the people do make the party, now don’t they?

Does this sound like a sales (b)itch? I really just want to see more people on Tsu, take back their power, know that everything they post, all their time and energy is valuable, get something in return, and experience their own sense of self-worth, self-value, self-love, self-empowerment get stronger every day. I made $0.02 in few days, not really doing much, and it felt super fun and amazing to see that pop up! What else is possible?? I’m now inspired to do more!

So, if you’re one that spends their time and energy using Facebook, I highly recommend moving. The sooner the better. And tell your friends!

I MySelf Gold!
I MySelf Federal Reserve Notes!
I MySelf Guatemalan Quetzales!
I MySelf Money!

Cha ching!

Earn some dough with Tsu



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