Money is the Root of All Good

#languageyogaWe’ve all heard that phrase, “Money is the Root of All Evil.” Well, I’m turning it around using the #LanguageYoga “depolarization filter.” But before we do that, let’s take a look at how money got a bad rap.

In today’s society, money has been used to enslave the masses. A select few people (1% of the population) on this planet has aprox. 80% of the wealth. This imbalance fuels the victim/aggressor consciousness. It is easy to say that I’m a victim of poverty when it appears that there are other people on the planet purposely wired to steal the value of the planet ‘s resources, primarily it’s people. Yet, these “other people” are actually ME! I know, pretty crazy, right? But All is ONE, and the illusion that we are all separate from each other is just that, an illusion. Continue reading


The Splitting of the Worlds – Coming to a planet near You! By Inelia Benz

This article seems really poignant to me right now. It was first published September 2014, and I remember back in August, 2011, when Inelia’s original article about the separation of worlds occurred.

Back in 2011, I remember having dreams where major choices and decisions were being made by the human collective. At that time, my own life had changed drastically, and I was consciously choosing for some type of global shift in a big way. The image I received at that time was a train station, with several trains about to leave, and I needed to make a choice as to which one I was getting onto. The energetic split happened quickly, and soon my physical body would catch up over the years.

The original concept of Gaia’s wish to separate the realities throughout time, over three generations, seemed a bit too long to me. I personally didn’t want to wait that long. I need change to happen now. I can’t see myself in a reality where I’m co-existing with souls choosing enslavement, where as I’m choosing personal empowerment, let alone for 70 more years!

I, AM a Creator. And I, as a Sentient Consciousness inbodied in HUman form at this current juncture in time/space, AM desiring to experience something NEW. I have done this before. I have experienced “ascension” before. But this, this New Element, this is entirely new for me to experience. What is it? What is being “birthed?” Continue reading

Foreclosure of all Corporations, Governments and Banks Included, OPPT UCC Filings Success Story

Thank you-I Tamara Davis, in Sebastopol, California, USA, for doing this phenomenal work of demonstrating how the UCC Foreclosure filings can be used in setting Oneself Free. The narrative below is Tamara’s success story of how she went to court March, 2014, for a traffic violation, and the judge dismissed her case. The entire process has been documented and you will find her exhibits used in court listed below. Here is the deal with these filings, each inbodyment needs to know the truth inside themselves, and stand IN Known inner truth. No one else can do it for another. In order to get to the next rung in evolution, one needs to empower oneself, and relinquish once and for all the victim/aggressor mindset. P.S. Having issues with my tablet inserting links. Please visit original posting here, to see links and hear Tamara on the radio. It was an excellent segment! – wyndstorm

I have been testing the new system/new paradigm/common law that we live in by manifesting getting pulled over under the best circumstances, which unfolded for me beautifully… the incident: I was pulled over for a headlight out, and got a ticket based on the fact that my license had not been reinstated. I was driving without a valid license, purposefully. There is a plethora of reading material I have attached regarding the foreclosure of the government corporations that should help others in their court cases; I have studied this material over the last year and intensely for the last three months. The education I was lacking was court procedure… and I did manifest that into my life quite quickly, and got a great education on how to get the court to listen and take the information on a bases that is not of ‘opinion’ but of ‘Law’. I humbly thank my friend Brino for the introduction to Randy. Had it not been for Randy’s 15 years of experience in the courts, I would not have the confidence to work within the boundaries of the court’s procedure and protocols. Continue reading

What’s So Real About “Real” Estate ? – “Real” Estate Part 2

Uh, oh. So what happens if I want to live on land that is “For Sale” by Owner? Whoops! Technically I’d be paying money to the individual person, but they still bought into the game where they probably got a loan, or a mortgage, or blah blah blah, and still the land title lies in the hands of the Vatican. We slaves “peasants” are only allowed to live on the land for a fee, we don’t actually “own” anything.

I found this quote by Steve Weston, on a forum from 2011, when someone asked, “Why is it called “real estate?” Here is Steve’s answer: Continue reading

When Good(ness) turned into “God”

So I was walking around today, and had quite an unpleasant experience where I was on the street, a large chicken bus down here in Guatemala drove by, and a huge cloud of black smokey exhaust exited out its muffler. Dios mio! Ethan and I looked at each other, held our breath, and walked up the street to an alley way. I then got images Ethan taking a picture of me standing behind the bus with a big super smile on my face, left hand doing the cowabunga hand gesture, and saying, “yeah, this is freaking awesome! This is divinity in action right here. Let’s Celebrate this awesome occurrence of being almost choked out by exhaust!”

In the past, you know what I’d usually do instead? I’d either ignore it, tune it out, or deny it’s existence. Or even more prevalently “judge” those aspects of my external reflection as “bad,” or even secretly wish they would wake up and change their ways and habits cause then they’d live a much happier life, obviously. Continue reading